Machine safety

Services of HELLWIG Electrical Engineering – SAFETY TEST ACCORDING TO DGUV AND VDE

HELLWIG offers extensive support in optimizing and expanding your own machinery. You can rely on:

  • On-site consulting to implement the safety requirements in accordance with the Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health or according to Machinery Directive 2006/42 / EC (CE)
  • Advice on hazards such as electrical currents, contact voltage, disconnection times
  • Creating a detailed risk assessment
  • Development of technical documentation such as an operating manual
  • Compliance with legal requirements, Product Safety Act, Industrial Safety and Health, Technical Regulations in Operational Safety, German Social Accident Insurance Rule 3 (BGV A3) and German Social Accident Insurance Note 4 (GUV-V A3)(Electrical installations and equipment)
  • Use of grounding systems TN system, TT system, IT system
  • Protection against electric shock according to DIN VDE 0100-410: 2007-06
  • Testing of facilities DIN VDE 0100-600 2008-6 loop impedance, short-circuit current, FI (RCD) exam, isolation and ground resistance
  • Testing of electrical machines according to VDE 0113-1 / A1
  • Testing of electrical Devices according to DIN VDE 0701 0702/0751
  • Electrical current, voltage and power measurements with non-sinusoidal sizes

HELLWIG is your expert for machine tools: We know exactly where to find risks, and which reasonable measures – instead of taking “exaggerated” precautions – offer themselves.